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These are the fockers I play with...


Chief Carrot  synths

Get Ready for some sweet Juice! Chief Carrot will deliver exactly that, and everething else u want! He's gonna rock your world till you're on the other side of the moon, and I don't mean the dark one. Oh yeah, did I mention that he's also a great pianist? He's very strict with his bandleader (me) and don't  fuck  with  his gear!! I learned it the hard way, even though I didn't do anything!!


Yann Haudri  Drums

Yann is the man of the three H's:



Healthy Lifestyle

He is also the man of no real stage name, because he hated the last one so much we almost broke up the band, so I'm a bit careful here...

Flamingo Bulsara  Guitar

Well well well... Who do we have here? If this isn't the great Flamingo fockin Bulsara. This son of a bench is just great, it's awesome. His Pants: Awesome

His Style: See above

His mouth: Yes!

Practices before studio: idk tbh, but it's great anyways!

Feedback during rehearsals: Yes

Photo by Samuel Künzli

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